alias of Ethan John Walker

I am a developer and designer from South Carolina who makes neat things for the web.

I just graduated from Winthrop University and I am currently working for Social Design House.

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Developer {

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BS in Computer Science

Winthrop University

After taking programming classes in high school, I decided to pursue computer science as something more than a hobby. During my time at Winthrop University, my courses revolved around many topics, including:

  • data structures
  • algorithm analysis
  • theoretical computing and automata
  • computer/operating system/programming language architecture
  • project management
  • security
  • database design
  • web application development
  • critical thinking
  • computing ethics
  • how to win first place at a programming competition
  • way too many programming languages and frameworks to list

Outside of the classroom, I have been growing my skill set by learning additional programming languages and frameworks, front-end and back-end, and using that knowledge to create websites and projects. For example, I took some time to learn WebGL to create that visual at the top. I also own ethan, the NPM package.


Designer {

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Minor in Digital

Information Design

In high school, I took a horrible web design class that involved working with a pre-Adobe version of Dreamweaver. However, that led me to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on my own. Once I honed down the basics, I experimented by creating cool-looking “pens” on Codepen, with some of them showing up on their homepage.

At Winthrop, I took their unique digital information design program as a minor, where I learned more about front-end development, user interfaces, user experience, information architecture, and how to properly use Photoshop and Illustrator.

On my own, I wanted to make my work look even better. I learned how to make clean and consistent user interfaces that are more than a pretty coat of paint. I inevitably became a type nerd, searching for amazing fonts like Iosevka, my programming font of choice and the font I used for this website.




DuckDuckGo !Bangs but Faster screenshot

DuckDuckGo !Bangs but Faster

Chrome/Firefox addon that improves page load time when using !bangs

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Currently Playing Display screenshot

Currently Playing Display

Show your currently playing song on this display.

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Clock In screenshot

Clock In

A stylistically bold clock app built in Vue.

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